Crisps & Chocolate Bars - Custom Prints pack


Crisps & Chocolate Bars
Custom printed LEGO Pieces by One More Brick
Genuine Lego parts, custom printed with our unique designs! Prints are hard wearing and suitable for play.
Accessorize your minifigures and model creations!
Crisps & Chocolate bars kit includes 11 custom prints and 14 pieces.
See image for scale against a minifigure. Bringles tubes are 13mm tall x 8mm wide (1x1 round brick and tile). Chocolate bars are 16x8mm (1x2 tile). Crisp packets are 8x8mm (1x1 tile)

All orders from our website with a combined value of less than 150 Euros will have NO additional charges of any kind (Duty/VAT/Customs etc..)

We only use Genuine, New, and official LEGO Branded parts.
Our Models are custom designs, they are not available in shops, and do not have boxes or official Instructions.
Our Models are packed as loose bricks in clear zip-lock bags. Custom Instructions/ Building guides are included.
All original designs are Intellectual Copyright of One More Brick and can NOT be reproduced without permission - Legal action will be taken against sellers of copied items.

Orders are dispatched next working day. In most cases orders placed before 2pm are dispatched same working day. Standard post should take 2-3 working days. International post can take up to 12 working days.

We always strive for 100% Satisfaction - If you have any problems with your order please contact us via email so that we can work to solve the issue. We always try and answer queries quickly and concisely :-)

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