About Us

One More Brick is a business formed out of circumstance, ambition, and a passion for the brick. Owned by Lego enthusiast Peter Hiscock, here he describes how the business got started:

As a child, I loved Lego, notably with Space and CITY themes, but I lost interest in my teenage years and entered what many adult fans call 'the dark ages' - a period of time with no Lego. That childhood love never really went away and I would always be drawn to anything Lego related, even if I wasn't actively building.

Before starting One More Brick, I had a successful retail, publishing, and consultancy career in aquatics (aquarium and pond fish). Winters are fairly quiet in the pond trade, so I started looking for extra income. I discovered several people selling Lego figures online at very inflated prices, and thought I could do that a lot cheaper!

In 2014 I started making small models, which sold as fast as I could make them. The popularity of my own designs made me wonder if I could scale-up and create a business, so I set about investigating the Lego market. I discovered a huge community of adult fans of LEGO (which are called AFOL's). I started buying, collecting and building official sets, visited conventions, and started designing my own creations (called MOC's)

At One More Brick, we now design and sell hundreds of models. As a new and growing business, reputation is extremely important, so we always aim to deliver a first class service and go the extra mile. We try to keep prices as low as possible, and make sure all our models are strong designs with easy to use instructions.

We now regularly exhibit at Lego Shows, so that our customers can see us in person and purchase our models. we have expanded into our own office/warehouse and now employ staff to help sort, pack, and post our models. We know that every package we post out is contributing to someones enjoyment of the hobby, and that makes us happy. The humble LEGO brick has helped us through tough times and we hope it helps you too. Whatever you build, there is always room for one more brick.


Contact info:
One More Brick, Unit 3 Merlin Court, NorthFields Ind Est, Market Deeping, PE68FZ
Tel: 07720054200
email: contact@onemorebrick.com