Custom Lego Kits

We can work with you to create a bespoke model kit, and we can print on Lego parts to add extra touches and branding. Before getting in touch, here is some useful information:

Minimum quantities:
We can produce sets in any quantity, but runs below 200 can get expensive per unit to cover design time. Our starting cost is around £2000 for a project, but this cost is spread out per unit. A single set could be £2000, whilst a run of 200 of the same set could be just £15 each. Most of our custom set projects are between 300-1000 units.

Design time, sourcing parts, and sorting and packing kits is very time consuming, and Lego parts are not cheap. A custom kit is typically more expensive than a similar sized ‘off the shelf’ Lego kit. Most of our custom kits are in the £20-£40 per unit range.

Lead Times:
Due to the complexities of obtaining parts, lead times for custom models can be 3 months or more. We can produce sets quicker, but at extra cost.

Rules set by Lego mean we cannot print company logos onto Lego figures, but we can print them on other Lego parts. We can normally find a suitable location for branding in a set. We can also include branding on both the packaging cover label and the instruction booklet.

Our standard packaging is a heavy duty bag with an opaque window and vinyl cover label. We have found this to be the most cost-effective and attractive packaging for our custom kits. Instruction booklets are A6 size and designed to be easy to follow with clear step-by-step images. We have a standard design for cover labels and instruction booklets, but this can be modified for your branding. For bigger sets, we can also do a box design, although this does add considerable cost.

The first step with any project is for us to get a brief from you. You may already have an idea, or we can look at your business profile to come up with something suited to your event or target audience. We then work on a digital model and provide rendered mock-ups and costings. Once a final design is agreed, we proceed to parts ordering and instruction design. Due to the time it takes for parts to arrive, there is often a gap of a few months between ordering parts and completion/delivery.

Below are some images of our packaging, instruction booklets, and previous custom jobs. This is only a very small selection of our past projects. For more details, contact us by email or phone: 07720054200