Pub / Bar with Barmaid


Pub/Bar + Barmaid Minifigure
Awesome Pub made with Lego bricks - Perfect for modular's or CITY builds - Includes Minifigure
Includes: 3x Bar stools, 2x round tables, 4x chairs
Bar includes 3 beer taps with drip-tray & broom
Rear shelves / cabinet includes: fridge with drinks, drinks bottles, overhead glass rack with glasses.
Comes with: 4x Pints, 2x Wine Bottles, 1x Wine Glass, 2x Clear mugs, 1x Beer barrel
Bar measures 13 studs long (11cm) and 7 studs wide (6cm) - whole set will fill a 16x16 stud area (13 x 13 cm)
Over 140 NEW parts!


We only use Genuine LEGO Branded parts.
Our Models are custom designs, they are not available in shops, and do not have boxes or official Instructions.
Our Models are packed as loose bricks in clear zip-lock bags. Custom Instructions/Guides are included when required.

Orders are dispatched next working day. In most cases orders placed before 1pm are dispatched same working day. Standard post should take 2-3 working days. International post can take up to 10 working days.

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